Huge Dark Areola Fetish...I watch hi def video
More Kaori

Kaori 6th video lacatation… cant wait

are you male / female ? I have the same fetish. Where do you go to find these videos ?

Male …All pics and video off the web via google search. Kaori vids can be downloaded from

Waiting for Kaori vids 4 and 5

Im waiting for the 2 latest Kaori vids. I shall use my vibrating masturbation machine to watch them for hours on end.

More Gorgeous Denise Davies

If only massive areolas

Kaori preggy….. latest video pics

Huge lumpy bumpy suckable areolas


areolas i lick daily


areolas i lick daily

love your areola blog.i got some pics you dont have , how can i upload?

I dont allow anyone to upload to my blog.. just upload to your own….   Cheers  

New Areola finds

New Kaori Videos 3, 4 and 5

Im waiting with mouthwatering anticipation of the 3 new Kaori videos 

Massive Dark Areolas again

Huge areolas like these I watch using my vibratory masturbation machine

I spend hours watching huge dark areolas whilst using my vibrating mastubation machine which gives ecstatic sensations.