Huge Dark Areola Fetish...I watch hi def video
My Addiction for Huge Dark Areolas

Ive started to put together video clips of me watching incredible huge areolas the first of which already published features the amazing Kaori with scenes better than the 3 pics here.

More huge areolas …some milky ones too

Hi, how can I download the movie from superav-com? Is it for free? Tks

They are downloadable re instructions on site in hi def for around £12 per video.. Really cheap and superb quality.. Happy wanking…

Huge Nipples

Ive now watched this amazing Kaori bomc-046 video. The best one of the series with scenes just like these pics

Huge Areolas I watch and masturbate to

The selection of pics shown on my blog are the favourites I watch and masturbate using my vibratory machine. The sensations are just incredible in my fantasy world of ladies who possess huge dark areolas and in particlar wear nylon stockings and suspender belts, girdles and short skirts without any panties and naughty scenes using dildos etc.

Another Kaori vid

Suckable huge dark areolas

Gorgeous Denise in nylons stockings under short skirt. This is what I love best to watch when using my vibrator for ecstatic sensations.

I love these shots of Denise wearing a short skirt with nylons and suspender belt. The wonderful shot standing by a mirror is nothing short of beautiful.

I cant stop watching Ladies with Huge Areolas…I dream of Alice 85jj wearing nylon stockings and suspender belt like the little black dress scene

I cant stop watching huge dark areolas using my amazing vibratory machine. The new lady find is Alice 85 JJ who I simply adore and maybe one day she will do scenes wearing Nylons and Suspender belt or girdles and stockings or wearing a Baby Doll see through negligee… Im just getting caried away but can but dream.

I need a woman with massive areolas !! anywhere in the world

I have a serious addiction for the the extremes of huge dark areolas. I love it so much my life is full of happiness. I would love to meet such a lady upto 60 yrs age who posseses what I show and indulge with me. I love miss D for example ..see pics.. Im a kind interesting intellectual and educated man in my 60’s who can zoom off anywhere in the world to find my fantasy and hopeful partner, any colour, perhaps someone who wants a better life to enjoy my other love of nature history and culture..We have just but one life and I see these ladies who have macromastia conditions who I want to worship and who maybe want to share their sexual adventures. There is someone there for both of us I know. Im a wealthy man too..And oh bye the way.. very good looking .. My fetish includes an uncontrolable compulsion to show everything including my masturbation method whilst watching these beautiful huge titty ladies with enormous pancake size areolas. I search the web continually for the extremes including pregnant and lactation. I adore pendulous veiny breasts which hang to the waist and beyond and capped by huge bumpy veiny dark areolas. I use a powerful vibrator which achieves ecstatic sensations whilst viewing. You can see the extremes in my collection when I mean big I mean well over 4 inches across and sometimes upto 10 inches across. I especially like video of such ladies wearing sexy stockings and garters and girdles etc.. My favourite video and most watched by me using my masturbation machine is gorgeous Denise Davies with CD size areolas in ‘Wanking Class’ who wears stockings and suspenders and uses a dildo.
I would absolutely love to find hi-def of the recent ‘Mandy big chocolate areolas’ which seem to cover about 80% of the whole tit….just mouthwatering… Im currently waiting for the new Kaori videos 4 and 5 to be released with her massive areolas turned a wonderful dark brown in the later stages of pregnancy and maybe some lactation later !! Yummy. I cant wait for the ecstatic vibrations whilst ogling her maginificent areolas using my masturbating machine.

can you help me? i want those Kaori videos so bad. can you link me? i want them all!!! OMG Downloadable hi def. So far they have suppled 3 of Kaori’s vids. Im waiting for the next one out very soon and there are 2 after that and believe she is making a 7th vid at the moment.

Kaori Huge Dark Areolas

More Kaori and her Huge Dark Areolas which I watch using my masturbation machine..

I love to masturbate using my vibrating machine watching these ladies