Huge Dark Areola Fetish...I watch hi def video
Kaori magnificent dark areolas

This lovely girl Kaori has the most wonderful huge dark areolas Ive ever seen..

Huge Dark Areolas

Huge Dark Areolas

My passion is for gorgeous ladies who possess huge dark areolas. I search the web for new scenes on hi def video and just cant seem to get enough of them. I especially love the combination of mature ladies with gigantic tits capped with enormous areolas wearing stockings and suspenders or see through negligees and girdles. The pics below show some of the wonderful ladies I watch on video. Denise Davies and Maria Moore are favourites and the new Japanese girl Kaori is just a wonderful fantasy dream come true.

Huge Dark Areolas

I crave for these amazing beautiful ladies who possess enrmous dark areolas like some of the following I watch on vidseo.  Denise Davies is a favourite especially when she wears stockings and suspenders like the pic below.  Then Maria Moore and the amazing Tolanda and the wonderfully pregnant Astralyn.  The huge dark areolas of the two black ladies are simply mouthwatering to me.. 

Some more huge areolas and nipples for sucking

Huge areola Video I love to watch…Gorgeous Denise Davies, Dusty milky tits and nipples and the Black lady Hypnotic who has enormous areolas are just some of the wonderful ladies I watch video of.
Huge Areola DVD I love to watch like Tolanda, huge milky areolas on a GGG video, Honey Moons pregnant with massive areolas.

These are some of the DVD films featuring extremely large areolas I love to watch

Another of this amazing girl with huge hanging tits and huge suckable milky areolas and nipples

My Huge Dark Areola Fetish

Huge hanging tits with huge milky areolas

My Huge Dark Areola Fetish

This blog is all about my fetish and indeed an obsession with the most extremes of Huge hanging tits which are capped with huge dark areolas and nipples.

Extra wide Areolas which must be over 8 inches across

These are perhaps the biggest and widest areolas Ive ever seen and would love to find video of this lovely lady.

Some Huge Asian Areolas. Some of these cap the entire tit.

Some gorgeous Asian Areolas

Love these huge dark coffee coloured areolas.   

A few monster areolas and huge nipples. Love the little lumps and bumps. I can just imagine sucking on them.