Huge Dark Areola Fetish...I watch hi def video
My Huge Dark Areola Fetish. My favourite type of areola capping the whole breast

To me the ultimate breasts are hanging low to the waistline and capped with veiny bumpy massive dark nipples with hubcap size areolas with broken pigmentation all around the edge…just like the pics above of the preggy areolas I would love to suck on. I love just plain looking women again like the above lovely lady and even the older more mature  with stretchmarks and if they wear girdles and suspender straps with colour nude or black stockings just does strange things to me. I love my FETISH !!!!!!!

Kaori is her name with massive dark Areolas….They are at least 8 inches across !

Some huge asian areolas to die for

Cam Lady called Mandy with Huge Dark milky Areolas which cap her wonderful tits

 for someone quite small her areolas are of just unbelievable proportions.

Here she is again the plain lady with huge preggy areolas I would love to suck

To me areolas such as theses are so inviting to suckle on. Sadly there is no video of her.

I love watching ladies with huge dark areolas who wear nylon stockings and long suspender straps and watch them on hi def video

Miss D she is called and a super bbw with lovely hanging tits below her wiast.I love to watch hi def video of gorgeous ladies with huge hanging breasts capped with huge dark areolas and who wear nylon stockings with long suspenderr straps.

A few huge dark areolas